Yoga has done so much for me and so many of my peers, friends and family that I want to share it with you. There are so many paths to happiness, but wherever you find yours, yoga's invitation to great self awareness and a closer relationship with yourself is a door into your soul which I invite you to enter.


my Mission

I am interested in transformation, connecting deeply with life. I share this passion with each and every yoga student who attends my trainings. When we come together as a group and become aware of ourselves inside... share this experience of change and healing, it will benefit our whole lives... flow into every aspect of our lives, careers, finances, relationships, education... personal growth. When we experience healing and greater sensitivity to ourselves, we have this experience ourselves, then we can help others find it too... that is yoga teaching, shining our light inside... then outside.

Yoga teachers are the front line in modern society’s health and have a massively important role to play in the communities they work in.
— on yoga teaching

professional bio

Dhugal has lived most of his life in Asia. mainly Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. He started learning the Mandarin as a teenager and added Cantonese during his masters degree in Chinese kung fu cinema (and a career in language technology on mobile phones).

All this time, Eastern spirituality, particularly Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism and their power to calm and center have been Dhugal’s foundation. Since 2011, he has been empowered hundreds of people to take care of themselves through with tailored training in Indian and Chinese spiritual traditions, and the physical practices of Yin and Hatha Yoga. 

Why does he teach? Quite simply because he loves it. He has learnt so much and got so much joy out of yoga he wants to spread the good. He believes Yoga teachers are the front line in modern society's health and have a massively important role to play in the communities they work in. 

Dhugal studied Yang Family Taichi before he moved to study Yoga with his 3 root teachers Patrick Creelman, Noah Mazé and Paul Grilley. His teacher training and yoga classes are a vibrant mix of Taoist philosophy and their insightful teaching.

Dhugal is a ERYT-500 level Yoga Alliance Teacher which allows him to teach those new to yoga, teach focused workshops and teach new and growing teachers. Come join him…..His teaching aims to inspire.