The Mortal Yogi Podcast

Yin & Yang Yoga. The psychology and philosophy, science and art of yoga.
With normal people from around the world 4 normal people from around the world.


No. 1
the psychology of mastery with matilda mayne

High performance sport is a world balanced between the extremes of under achievement and injury, between the golden moments of glory and the dark psychology of failure.

Sports Recovery Psychologist Matilda Mayne joins us to delve into her discovery of yoga and how it relates to this fascinating culture of human achievement.


No. 2
seeking yin-yang balance with imran hasmhat

Imran Hashmat is a seasonal martial artist, former emergency service worker, and now a passionate Yin Yoga teacher.

In our time together we talk about his quest to discover his Yinside after a decade of super charged public service and martial art adventure. His powerful discovery of how we are all physically unique and not carbon copies of each other inspires him to teach.


NO. 3

Yoga teacher and dog lover Lucy has a super inspiring story. After challenges with eating disorder in her teens and early 20s which almost drove her to take her own life, Lucy discovered mental space and the power to heal on her yoga mat.

Lucy talks us through her version of healing and recovery and how the shapes of yoga nursed her mind in the darkest troughs of life. Join Lucy & I for her rousing journey.


NO. 4

Amy McDonald is a true inspiration to yogis who want to run their yoga business successfully and happily. With her powerful philosophy that yoga is about sharing and spreading the good, Amy inspires yoga teachers to get out there and burst through their doubts, fears and inhibitions to become the successful yoga teacher they want to be.

Join me as I get to hear Amy's backstory and what gets her fired up today.


NO. 5
Dr. aaron bullington: health in chinese medicine

Meet Dr. Aaron Bullington. A naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and massage therapist who helps us see the (natural) path to good health through an alternative lens: the Chinese Medicine way. Aaron also dispels the underestimation of how long it really takes to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Spoiler alert: He had 6+ years of non-stop studying for 7 days a week!

Join me as we listen to Aaron explain how important it is to look at the body as a whole to understand the root causes of dis-ease and maintain long-term health.