This training program provides a complete platform for those who are ready to teach, already teaching, or those who want to gain more clarity of their life purpose and learn to cultivate harmony within and without. 

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The Yin Yang teacher training is separated into five modules to build to a potential 500hrs. According to Yoga Alliance requirements, you need 200hrs to teach. You may start by doing either the two Foundation modules or the two Yin modules. Whichever you take, as you take your 3rd and 4th modules, the 5th module is where we all meet.  Module 5 is more individual study in whatever interests students wish to follow, guided by Dhugal. Modules as follows:

  • Foundation 1 - Yang (100hrs)
  • Foundation 2 - Yang (100hrs)
  • Going Yinside 1 (100hrs)
  • Going Yinside 2 (100hrs)
  • Living Your Practice (100hrs)

Whether or not you intend to teach Yin Yoga, the Yin 200hr course offers more advanced anatomy relevant to any yoga teacher. Variable anatomy understanding (i.e. we are all anatomically different, therefore to teach yoga, we must appreciate and be able to teach with this understanding) is absolutely required for a Yin practice where poses are held a longer time and teaching skills and philosophical foundations for that style of yoga. The Yin 200hr course also introduces further mindfulness and mediation as practices.

Completing these modules will prepare you as a 200hr and / or 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher under the Yoga Alliance system.